Comfortable. Eco-friendly. Practical.

In 2018, modern home designs will incorporate beautiful and comfortable zones that add charm and style while creating welcoming spaces. Small nooks for different tasks and comfortable corners will be united in one open space to improve the quality of communication and allow people to relax, unwind, and enjoy peaceful moments in style. You will also see this trend extended to the outdoors. While initially patios, decks and outdoor grills were the focus, now this trend has expanded to outdoor kitchens and even fully furnished outdoor rooms.

The color palette for the 2018 modern home will be an array earthy hues in warm shades. All white hues, gray color tones, terra-cotta, dark purplish red and wine colors are becoming more and more popular. Other design features to expect are simple shapes, metal furniture, leather and natural stone elements, ceramics, glass, suede and velvet upholstery fabrics.

Eco-friendly design elements will also be incorporated into the modern home build. Solar energy, recycled water and recycled features, like reclaimed wood for wall designs, will modernize and personalize modern interiors.

These home design trends can create a warm, cozy and luxurious space for you and your family. Contact Artistic Contractors today to get started on your new modern home design, here in Charlotte.