When it comes to a new home, or upgrades to your existing home for 2018, it pays off to be creative. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. A bathroom vanity does not have to be traditional. An old chest of drawers, a file cabinet, a sewing cabinet or a tool stand can be converted to hold your sink and provide the storage you need, especially in a powder room. Look around and use your imagination, there are so many fun options.
  2. According to Houzz, modern bar stools have become extremely popular. New bar stools can liven your space and provide the seating you need and are not a huge expense. So take a risk with some cool bar stools, or paint some yourself.
  3. It’s easy to have fun with your cabinet hardware, also known as the “jewelry” of the kitchen. Think of your hardware in this way and design some jewelry for your home.
  4. Rather than choosing a tile backsplash that stops at the bottom of your cabinets, consider creating a full wall of tile for a more bold look in the kitchen.
  5. Just like the bathroom vanity, a kitchen island can start as something else that then gets re-purposed as an island. Remember to consider the height of the island during your search. Additionally, it can be painted in a different, contrasting color.
  6. Put as much thought into your ceiling, as you do your walls. We’ve all seen a highlight wall that’s been painted a different color, or has a unique surface, such as wood or tile. This can be an interesting idea for a ceiling as well. Make it special and unique.
  7. Pendant lights don’t only have to be used above the island in your kitchen; Consider hanging a couple of pendants on either side of the bed above the night stands.

There are so many fun ideas that can update an existing home or bring some character to a new home. Keep your options open and think outside the box.