One of Charlotte’s professional athletes hired Artistic Contractors to renovate a 6583-square-foot home that occupies half of the fourth and fifth floors of The Trust building at the corner of 4th and Tryon. The renovation cost $1.7 million; however, the owner is now selling the property for $4.5 million.

Daron Gaon, head of construction and marketing at Artistic Contractors, said he and his colleagues were thrilled to have been given this opportunity. “They gave us a lot of leeway to design it the way we want it,” Gaon said. “We really felt like we pulled off something different in Charlotte.”

One of the main elements of this renovation was opening up the center section of the two floors to make one space. Artistic Contractors cut a hole between the two floors to create a large 2-story great room with a 24-foot ceiling. Members of the HOA of The Trust building feared that cutting a hole in the concrete would cause the building to collapse, so a special engineer was brought in to prove the project’s safety. Once approved, the concrete was cut into pieces and removed using the elevator.

The upstairs area around the opening created a mezzanine surrounded by stainless steel and glass railing. Overlooking the large great room, the space can be used as a play area with a pool table or a grand piano, or simply as a sitting area for friends.

Other special features in the condo include:

  • a 360-degree see-through DaVinci fireplace with color-changing LEDs, surrounded by polished quartz with metal reveals.
  • 24-foot modern aluminum-clad sliding doors with a seamless recessed track that lead to outdoor spaces, including a patio bar
  • the master toilet offers controlled seat temperatures, a massage feature and wash or dry options.
  • the stainless-steel bathtub, built for two, holds 500 gallons of water, contains ergonomic seats, and is filled from the ceiling, waterfall-style.
  • the master shower, doubles as a steam room, contains two extra-large rain shower heads, six inline body sprayers and speakers for music.
  • the oversized master closet contains a center island holding 40 drawers.

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