Artistic Contractors is one of few contractors in the area that have experience in the construction of ‘green’ houses and is currently building one in Charlotte, NC. A green home means that the house is designed to be energy and water efficient, and built using eco-friendly materials that create a healthy environment.

Having built several homes with green elements, Artistic understands the multiple aspects that require consideration and has gained the expertise to build them successfully. We take into account all aspects of the structure, including wall construction, wall, floor and attic insulation, air quality details, and energy-efficient windows and appliances. Artistic makes sure all aspects of the home are designed to meet the strict energy performance standards of the Energy Star certification.

The walls and insulation in a green home are two of the most important aspects in a green home. Using a non-toxic insulation material with a high R factor (heat resistance) assures that air does not leak from the house. Artistic uses R30 insulated walls; these walls are made from very strong materials that:

  • are very energy efficient
  • withstand high winds
  • are termite proof
  • are water resistant
  • are rot free

Additionally, Artistic builds exterior walls using ICF construction. ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) walls are exceptionally strong, energy-efficient, quiet, and safe. Traditional wood-frame construction does not compare to the durability, resilience, and energy efficiency of ICF walls.

Green design and construction provide more comfortable homes, cleaner air quality, cost-savings on utility bills, and is environmentally-friendly. Contact us at Artistic Contractors to learn more.