Besides providing skillful construction and dependability, a custom home builder must do two things extremely well to make sure the project does not become chaotic and frustrating: 1) Communicate clearly, and 2) Set the right limits. It’s easy to imagine the problems that will arise if the builder does not communicate often and clearly with the homeowner. But the issues that will develop if the right limits are not put in place are not as apparent. Usually, it’s the budget and the timeline is that create the limits.

Change requests and material choices can make or break the budget and the schedule. The contractor is not doing you any favors if he accommodates any change request you throw at him without first telling you the effect it will have on the price and the schedule. Additionally, if the contractor is not clear about the allowances for materials before the customer goes out looking and making their choices, it is confusing, disappointing, and very time-consuming because you will either have to start over with your choices, or go back to the bank for more money.

A good custom home builder and the homeowner will begin with an agreement on a budget and a construction schedule. Then the builder must keep the homeowner informed throughout the entire process. Clear open communication is the answer from start to finish to ensure a successful custom home building process.

At Artistic Contractors we listen intently to our customers requests and desires. We guide our clients in the selection process ensuring you get exactly what you want on time and on budget. Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can help guide you through the home building process.