In 2017, home design saw a contemporary trend towards incorporating individualism, comfort, and healthy living. Clean lines, minimal but meaningful features, and technology have been at the forefront.

Trends for 2018, continue the desire for comfortable and healthy living. This is apparent with the top features Americans are looking for when choosing or designing a home.

Special function spaces have made a comeback, but not the same ones from a few years ago. Before the housing downturn, home offices were by far the most desired special function space. Today, people are less interested in home offices and overwhelmingly more interested in outdoor living rooms. Mud rooms come in second, and then the home office is third.

Also on the increase is the desire for multi-generational spaces, such as in-law suites. Americans are adapting their home to allow for aging parents. In addition, older homeowners are interested in features that allow aging-in-place. Incorporating open space layouts, single floor designs, wider doors and halls, multiple laundry rooms, and elevators aid mobility of an aging resident. The list of the most popular trends for homes is rounded out with an increase in the desire for roof decks and mechanical rooms.

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