If you are planning to build a custom home from scratch, there are many opportunities to get the perfect balance between needs and wants. Below are 4 tips to think about.

  1. When beginning the planning process, start by listing the features you want and sketching your ideas. Think thoroughly through the flow of the house. Where will you spend most of your time and where do you need the most space? Do you prefer an open concept home with rooms that flow from one to the other, or smaller cozy spaces? Make sure to prioritize your desires. Budgets can get completely blown if you have your heart set on every single upgrade that appeals to you.
  2. Think about your future needs. Do you plan to have children? If so, how many? Is there a chance an aging parent might have to live with you at some point? How about holidays with your extended family, can you accommodate them? Do you need a home office – now or in the future? Include ideas that in 10 years, you will be happy you thought of.
  3. Choose the perfect lot or maximize the lot you have. If you are looking for a lot, what are the features you would like to find? If you have one already, what are its best features? Is there a beautiful view? If so, make sure to position large windows facing it. Is there a pond, river or stream? If so, consider placing a deck, porch, or master bedroom nearby? Is the lot flat or sloped? This will make a big difference in the design of the house.
  4. Don’t forget to contemplate on ‘light’. The sunlight that enters a house is one of the most important features of a home. Does the house face the north, south, east or west? When will the sun hit what areas of the house? If you want sunlight in your breakfast nook, make sure it faces east. Besides natural light, the electrical lighting in a home can either bring comfort, set the mood, or make it possible to better perform a task. Don’t take it for granted.