Extensive Home Remodeling Project In Cotswold

This project was truly unique from the very beginning. The existing home was originally a tri-plex. The downstairs area was split into two side-by-side living spaces. The third rental space was on the second floor where the tenant had to park in the back of the home and walk upstairs to get to their space. Going from a tri-plex of separate spaces to a single-family home was challenging. The design and layout however, was done perfectly by Craig Cox of Cox Architecture.

We basically gutted the existing home down to the foundation and exterior studs. Everything from the foundation up is now brand new including the brick veneer. The design remained traditional, and at the same time very warm and cozy. We incorporated an open concept in the main living and kitchen areas, but the rest of the home has a classic separated feel. This allowed for something a little different in each space. Every room and bathroom in this cottage tells its own little story.

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