If you are thinking about building a new custom home, have these questions entered your mind?

  • Will the lot I’m considering work with the house I want to build?
  • Which architect should I use to design my new home?
  • How much is my ideal home going to cost?

Artistic Contractor’s Design/Build Program is a comprehensive approach to designing and constructing the home of your dreams, from conception to completion. We specialize in guiding our clients through the entire process, including collaborating with our team of designers and architects to design the home of your dreams. We work with you to leave no stone unturned. You will have a complete understanding of all aspects that can affect the design and budget of your new home.

Our process is completely turn-key. We can start from evaluating the lot, selecting the right architect, to determining the final finishes. Our process will guarantee that your new home will be built on time, under budget and with no unexpected surprises.

We work with many of the most prestigious architects, both locally and nationally. After getting a good feel for your project and vision, we match you to the architect that best fits your style and budget. We get an idea of what unique qualities you want in a home and create a preliminary budget. With this, we will guide the architect through the design of your project to keep the budget on-point without compromise on the overall vision. Your project will be well organized before breaking ground; this helps to ensure speed and efficiency.

Design Build Charlotte NC

Modern Home Design

At Artistic Contractors, we specialize in modern home designs. We have built many contemporary homes in and around Charlotte including Mid-century modern homes that provide retro style, contemporary open layouts with updated amenities.

Our modern homes are built with innovative techniques and character while respecting the environment; all of our homes are built using “Green” methods, incorporating the most energy efficient and structurally-sound materials available.


Design Build Land Analysis

  Land Analysis

  • Physically visit the lot and create an initial summary.
  • Determine if the lot is sized correctly for the future home.
  • Determine the cost & work needed to clear and grade the lot.
  • Determine lot topography and foresee drainage issues.
  • Determine the optimal placement of the house.
  • Provide and schedule the first survey for the architect.
Design Build Architect Selection and Design

Architect Selection and Design

  • Provide three qualified architect recommendations based on the style of home and the budget.
  • Work directly with architect to design home with your lifestyle and needs in mind.
  • Work with architect to keep total size of house and finishes used in line with your budget.
Design Build Budget


  • Identify and finalize all exterior materials and interior finishes for final pricing.
  • Make recommendations to stay in line with your overall budget while still achieving the look you desire.
  • Work with the engineer and architect to determine the most cost effective structural design possible.
Home Remodel Scheduling

Construction and Project Management

  • Organize all selections and schedules in our BuilderTrend project management software.
  • Submit plans and pull all necessary permitting documents.
  • Guarantee a spot in contractor’s schedule.
Buildertrend Software

With the use of Buildertrend Residential Software we can provide a better building experience for your homebuyers. Our clients login directly from our website to get real-time 24/7 access to scheduling information, homebuyer selections, documents, change orders, photos, warranty management, and much more.

At Artistic Contractors, we try and eliminate the hassles that typically come with building or renovating a home.

BuilderTREND Client Login

Our Reviews & Recognitions

Artistic Contractors in Charlotte, NC on Houzz
Artistic Contractors in Charlotte, NC on Houzz
Charlotte Magazine BOB Award Winner
Artistic Contractors in Charlotte, NC on Houzz
Artistic Contractors in Charlotte, NC on Houzz

“There are no other contractors out there like Artistic. They do what they say they are going to do. They’re extremely professional and have great prices for all that they do. Oh yeah by the way their workmanship is second to none!” ~ Greg Jones

“Artistic Contractors get in and out of a project like a bolt of lightning and use the precision of a navy pilot on every project they take on.”

~ Barbi Mckinnon

“I’ve had the opportunity to work various contractors. The first thing I tell my clients is that it’s important we build a “Superbowl Team” since we work within such strict time frames…”
~ Johnathan Romero

“Artistic did a great job on my remodeling project. The quality of the work and the eye for detail was excellent! I really feel that Drew and Daron listened to what was important to me in my new space and brought my vision to life…” ~ Karin Davies

“Artistic Contractors did an outstanding job on multiple renovation projects at my home in Foxcroft in late summer 2011. They coordinated and consolidated all the different projects to a 2 week time period…” ~ Martha Barber

“I’ve worked with many contractors over the years but I have to say these guys are my favorite. They’ve done 2 projects for me, a kitchen renovation and a large addition to my home and each time they exceeded my expectations…”~ Zach Donovan

“I can’t say enough about how great the guys at Artistic Contractors are! They helped turn our new house project into our dream home and really made the process a pleasant one. Daron and Drew are a great team…” ~ Jenn Haire

“Artistic Contractors did a large-scale addition to my home and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Daron and Drew were a pleasure to work with and made the process very enjoyable. They took the time …” ~Tony Mac

“Daron and Drew are great! They were our contractors for our 203k renovation loan, and from start to end they were reliable, responsive, flexible, and generally a pleasure to work with. We were on a tight schedule…”~ Lauren Gastley

“Artistic Contractors made my Dream of a home a Reality. Daron Gaon was extremely knowledgeable about custom design, which was a plus for me as, I desired a builder that was creative and had the talent to think out of the box..” ~ Dawn Mimbs

“Artistic has done two jobs for me and we are getting ready for the third! I have even recommended them to relatives. They are knowledgeable and friendly. They can be depended on. Their bids are competitive…” ~ Elizabeth Bland


Attention to Detail. Customer Service. Peace of Mind.

Different Kind of Home Builder

Our estimating software gives us exact measurements and pricing on everything happening in your project. We don’t guess at anything.

No subcontractor will perform any work on your project except what they excel at. Ex. Framers will not be installing windows. Cabinet installers will not be installing interior trim.

We go above and beyond Mecklenburg County required code. We over-engineer everything. You will have a more structurally sound built home than what is standard.

See a real time schedule of your project. Make selections and change orders from your phone or tablet.

Pick out any finish or material. We give allowances on almost everything!

Email, text or call us 8am – 5pm during the week. Any anytime for emergencies. We will respond back within an hour.

You have an expert in the field managing the actual work (Daron – GC #70053). You have an expert in the office managing the process (Drew – GC #75904).

1 year on all cosmetic, 2 years on all infrastructures (HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical), 10 years on all Structural.

There is no limit to the size of project we can take on.

We will never increase the price after the contract is signed unless you make a change or go over on an allowance item.

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