Bathrooms are becoming larger, more beautiful and more comfortable. No longer do they simply fill a utilitarian role, they are a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. And showers are following suit. The shower is becoming a multi-functional space. With the introduction of a larger more useful bench, to anti-fog mirrors for shaving, music and steam systems, the shower is evolving.

So, what are the latest design features for a shower? International design ideas are making their way into American bathrooms. From Europe comes the open shower concept. This means there are no shower doors, and they are not showing up more and more. For many, having no doors is too much openness, so they are choosing to go minimal, such as a single piece of glass or wall that separates the shower area from the tub or the toilet. Note: in an open shower, the floor must be shaped to drain the water properly and the drain becomes an important feature. Which brings us to another new trend – linear drains. The look of linear has become very popular throughout the home, and this feature is right in line.

From Italy, we not only see the open shower concept, but also glass shower walls on three sides for a completely transparent view. The shower door has become a significant design feature – many are choosing unusual doors such as a steel frame door; these are the exterior doors that are popping up everywhere in high-end new homes. They make interesting and beautiful shower doors as well. With these doors, consider matching the finish in the faucets and fixtures – black is back.

We all know that bathrooms have a lot of tile in them. But in 2018, the more the better. Ceramic tile, quartz, and marble are being added in any and all areas of the bathroom, wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling. When one material is used throughout the shower and the bathroom, the result is a beautiful peaceful room. Of course, that’s only if a neutral or muted color is used – a bright orange might not be so peaceful. Whites, grays and earth tones are among the most popular hues. Be creative, maybe instead of an accent stripe in the shower, consider an accent wall. Go crazy and put a beautiful unique tile on a full wall of your shower. At the bare minimum, make sure the tile in your shower goes all the way to the ceiling. Stopping short is not current.

Large marble slabs covering the walls and floors may not be the most economical, but they sure make a statement; and you’ll need nothing more for the décor – keep the rest simple and let the marble do all the talking.  And check out Terrazzo- it’s a new composite material that is coming in hot.

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