One of the main features of a modern home design are floor to ceiling windows. And in our opinion, this design element is one of the most beautiful and inviting features when incorporated into a home. Window walls add natural beauty to a room by opening up the space visually to the outdoors.

Replacing small windows in an existing outdated house with oversized windows instantly transforms the home and creates a brand-new updated impression. A smaller space looks incredibly larger and less confined. And the extraordinary view of nature brought into the home adds a sophisticated element to the décor. Rather than blocking the outdoor view with smaller regular-sized windows, window walls provide panoramic views from any part of your house.

Including floor to ceiling windows in a new home design fuses the indoors with the out and adds exceptional light. Although, it is a good idea to consider the view that will be exposed with large windows; it’s not a deal breaker even if the view is not the most desirable. The feeling of openness, serenity, and luxury is enough to make them worthwhile, not to mention the natural light that’s introduced into the room. And as a highly desired feature, this single modern element adds tremendous value to any property.

The drawback of floor to ceiling windows is the cost. As you may imagine, they will cost more than a standard sized window. Windows that take up most of the size of a wall must follow the dimensions of the wall. So, the measurements for the window must be carefully identified. And there are other considerations, such as coatings or impact glass. In some areas, these may be required. And installation will be considerably more difficult and critical. However, despite the higher cost, oversized windows are well worth the extra money and effort.

If you are looking for a luxurious custom look and stunning outdoor views, this is the feature to invest in. Consult with us, at Artistic Contractors. We have loads of experience with integrating floor to ceiling windows into homes. It’s one of the features we believe make a home exceptional.