Sensor technology when incorporated into a home will sense and adjust to control various elements. Sensors not only allow the homeowner to know what’s going on in their home, but can also be set up to adjust whatever is needed to solve a problem.

Light sensors sense motion and turn on a light automatically when you enter an area. These devices also sense the level of light present in the room to adjust the brightness level of light to turn on. This creates a more comfortable experience, and saves energy.

A high-tech thermostat can sense when the sun is hitting a particular side of a home heating it up and making it stuffy. It will adjust the temperature in that area or it may be set up to activate the blinds.

Noise sensors will alert you regarding the decibels coming from your home. If you are not home, you can not only know if someone is turning the music up way too loud, but also know if the smoke alarm is sounding.

Air quality, humidity and mold sensors assure you that your home’s air is safe and clean. It may be the the nursery or your children’s rooms that you want to make sure are safe. Or maybe someone with extreme allergies.

Water detectors will sound an alarm and ping your phone when it senses water. This is good for detecting water leaks or other water-relating problems. Sensors can also be added to detect if water is freezing in the pipes.

An arrival sensor will let you know when someone enters or departs from your home. This is especially helpful with elderly relatives who may get lost if they venture out on their own, or pets that somehow find a way outside when they aren’t supposed to. It’s also helpful in know when kids are getting home if a parent cannot be present.

There’s a sensor that can tell you if something is open or closed, for example a door or window. But these sensors can also work with a cabinet or drawer that may hold valuables. It does this by alerting you when certain conditions are met, such as when the circuit between two pieces are together vs when they are separated. Temperature changes can also be a condition for these sensors.

Sensors make your home more safe, comfortable, efficient, and secure.

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