Open floor plans in home design have been popular for many years now and it looks as though they are here to stay. However, for some, open floor plans can be just too open. In 2020, the trend for interior design appears to be moving towards merging an open floor plan with more defined spaces. The idea is to define a space without actually putting up walls. This means designers are using materials or architectural features to separate spaces; for example, a freestanding fireplace between a living room and a dining room, a small wall in an otherwise large doorway, changing directions of a wood floor, or varying the materials on the wall or ceiling. The options are endless for incorporating interesting transitions.

In some cases, people are adding just one enclosed space in an open floor plan to provide the opportunity for privacy and quiet. A place where you can separate yourself from the rest of the household is becoming more desirable in 2020. It may be a cozy den or a private space in the master bedroom. The open concept isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; but it is shifting slightly toward including spaces that meet the needs of the new homeowner.