If you are interested in building a new custom home, you will probably want to include the latest trends in architecture and design. Below are some trends that are emerging in 2019.

  1. Is a room just a room?

Until now, a bedroom was a bedroom and a living room was a living room. Now, leading architects are rethinking this belief and realizing a space is limited only by the homeowner’s imagination. The spaces of 2019 are becoming more versatile to accommodate the homeowner’s needs and changing lifestyle. Spaces can be customized by using moveable dividers or sliding doors.

  1. Green is good.

Eco-friendly designs are here to stay. The demand for solar panels on homes has soared over the last few years. Air quality and the use of low toxicity materials are increasingly important to homeowners, as are efficient appliances and energy-conserving systems. Green, sustainable features appeal to homeowners looking to make a difference and allow them to highlight their personality.

And today, no longer do homeowners have to deal with aesthetically unappealing glass solar panels, solar roof tiles are the latest in green. Solar roof tiles blend right in with a roof’s design with styles that look like asphalt or slate.

  1. Smaller is bigger than ever.

Yes, we’ve all heard of the tiny home trend, but that’s not what we are talking about here. Although people are seeking smaller spaces, it’s not for financial reasons – it’s philosophical. Therefore, they still want luxury, comfort and beauty. This means that homeowners are becoming inventive with what they want and how to use the space they have.

  1. Brick, brick and more brick.

Brick is as popular as ever; But homeowners are thinking outside of the box with the use of brick? The traditional arrangement of brick in courses is just the beginning. Brick colors can change; shaped and pattern bricks can be used to create designs; and alternating headers and stretchers can create a unique look.

From the above trends, we can see that new custom houses are more open, minimalistic and far healthier for the environment and the humans that live in them.