What’s happening to home design in 2022? It seems that all the new features are pointing towards ‘nature’. We love bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in. Creating a space that fluidly moves from the indoors to out is desired. Whether we mean literally or figuratively. Check out the home features below.

Curves Are Making A Come-Back
Nature is not always straight-lined and square. Over the past few years, industrial, right-angled design features have been all the rage. Now however, softer curved elements are coming back. Think barreled ceilings, arched doorways, and curved walls. Especially in the modern home design sector that leans towards hard edges, we are seeing curves as an unexpected element. Beautiful curved entryways, offset the otherwise square features of a home. Arched doorways that disappeared over the last few years are showing up and adding a charming natural feel.

Windows, Windows and More Windows
We have spent so much time inside our homes the past couple years that we yearn for the outdoors. That’s why new homes include multiple banks of oversized windows. Groups of large windows add light and air to a home, as well as beautiful views. In the kitchen, the trends are to forego the upper cabinets and add windows. This is possible because, we now incorporate large pantries into our kitchens and hard-working islands.

Islands – The Heart Of The Kitchen
That brings us to the island. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the island is the heart of the kitchen. And the island isn’t just for congregating any more. We are making the island handle more and more duties. We want it to do more – it is now the home to as many appliances as possible, and of course loads of storage. A new idea is adding a heater to the island countertop like you would to a bathroom floor. So, instead of leaning on a cold surface in the winter, your family and friends can lean on a warm surface – that’s luxury.

Natural Wood Elements And Colors… And Black
Stained wood is showing up in the best of ways throughout new homes. From cabinets, to shelves, to oven hoods, ceilings, beams, and furniture. The warmth of wood is hard to beat. Having a modern finish and pairing it with contemporary elements assures that it never looks dated. As for colors, designers can’t decide. Some say white is going nowhere. They say people still love the clean look of white cabinets, countertops, and tile. While others say, all white is on the way out and warm neutral colors are taking its place. All agree that mixing materials is the way to go; for example, combining wood countertops and accents with granite and lacquered paint.

Everyone Agrees With Black!
Though there is disagreement as to where color palettes are headed, everyone can agree that black is a necessity. A bit of black will pop in any room. Black window casings, black lacquered front door – inside and out, black framed shower doors and room dividers, black appliances and more are making a statement.

So, What’s Still In?
If you are in the camp of white sticking around a while longer, you’ll agree that white marble quartz countertops and subway tile are still in. They may be used in different ways; for example, installing white subway tile in a new unique pattern. Additionally, there is no denying that large well-appointed outdoor spaces are going nowhere, maybe ever. We love spending time outdoors and what’s better than relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day in the comfort of your home’s outdoor space.

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