The latest craze in fireplace design is the linear fireplace. These transitional, modern fireplaces offer a unique and innovative design which highlight the beauty of light in a number of ways. The look provides a sophisticated fire element, you can choose from a linear burner that gives the appearance of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area with a more modern look. Linear fireplaces add a contemporary feel to nearly any space including living rooms, patios, bedrooms, restaurants and business waiting rooms. Whether you select the simplicity of the vertical rectangle or drama of the square, these fireplaces will continually captivate you and your guests.

Linear fireplaces are ideal for decorative home or commercial applications. Gas models are available in single sided, see-thru and indoor/outdoor see-thru. The fireplaces are easily controlled through either an elegant touch screen mounted on your wall or remote-control.

Some manufactures offer features that include under-lit colored LED lights that illuminate crushed glass or rock embers placed on the bottom of the fireplace bed. Home owners can choose from an endless array of vivid colors to set a specific mood for any occasion. You can also use river rock or driftwood logs as your focal design element.

Some manufacturers also offer triple-paned exterior glass enclosures, making the glass safe to touch. They also custom build the fireplaces in a modular fashion so large units can be installed in any location, whether it’s a roof top restaurant or high-rise condo.

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