Bathroom design in 2022 looks like it’s headed for a change. Although everyone still loves the clean white calming bathroom, 2022 is ushering in a different aesthetic. While functional and luxurious bathroom spaces have been the trend for a long time, we are seeing updates to what’s functional and what’s luxurious.

The idea of surrounding yourself in luxury and comfort, known as ‘cocooning’ is at the heart of the latest design updates. The goal is to create the optimal sanctuary for body and mind.

Separate Wet Room
One of the biggest changes we see are the “wet rooms.” Until now, the wet area in the bathroom was the shower, and occasionally, a bathtub was part of that enclosure. Now, we are seeing entire rooms that are completely waterproof. Included is a shower with multiple shower heads, and of course, a freestanding tub all alone in a room. The goal is to keep the heat and moisture in that one room, making it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bold Decor
Cocooning also extends to the visual design of the bathroom. The décor retains uncluttered minimalism but adds pops of color and ornate elements. In the décor, white is replaced with bold colors, rich textures, and daring patterns. Even powder rooms are growing bold; in fact, especially in powder rooms will you see fun interesting features everywhere you look. Whimsical wallpapers or textured tile walls are popping up everywhere.

Unpredictable Lighting
Lighting fixture designs are going in extreme opposite directions – either they are intended to make a big impact or they are meant to not be seen. The light is important but the source may not be. More and more, people are integrating lighting into the space without it being visible. They are using recessed lights, back lit mirrors, and lighting hidden behind shelves or an overhang. On the other hand, if the design leans more to the bold, an impactful light fixture adds much drama and interest.

Statement Faucets and Hardware
Faucets and cabinet hardware are following suit with the new bold design approach. Leaving the sparkle of chrome and brushed nickel behind for the drama of gold, black, bronze, graphite, pewter, brass and copper materials. The boldness and warmth of these finishes draw attention and also lead us straight into the trend for more natural materials.

Natural Materials
Introducing natural materials into the bathroom is a trademark of 2022. For example, a wood vanity, a stone accent wall, or a copper bathtub bring a soothing nature-inspired feel to a bathroom. In addition, adding multiple plants integrate the outdoors with the indoors, which continues to be a focus well into 2022.

Floating Vanities
Many of the features discussed above seem to be a throwback to earlier times with a new twist. However, when it comes to vanities, the modern floating wall-mounted vanities are a contemporary element that brings together all the other elements. Sleek and clean, a wall-mounted vanity makes the bathroom feel open and up-to-date.

A well-designed bathroom can become a sanctuary that surrounds you with comfort and calm. Artistic Contractors can help you design and build your dream home with the perfect bathroom. Contact us to learn more about our unique homes and our extraordinary capabilities.