1. Everywhere you look you see the term ‘sustainability’. But what does that mean in home building? We think it means being energy-efficient, friendly to the environment, and long-lasting. For example, people are realizing that brick and stone are the ultimate materials when it comes to longevity. Home owners are looking for those items and materials that will last for years and remain beautiful.
  2. The minimalistic, Scandinavian design is here to stay a while longer. But in bolder details and colors. All-white rooms, including kitchens, will be slowly replaced with vivid colors for lively, eye-catching spaces.
  3. The open-concept layout is still popular, but the spaces are becoming warmer. The use of brick on accent walls, islands, fireplaces, and possibly backsplashes are on their way in.
  4. Fireplaces and fire features are a must. Whether inside or out, traditional or linear, a fire feature is the focal point of a room.
  5. Sunrooms with large windows are a popular multi-use space. Natural materials such as brick and stone can make this room blend more with the outdoors.
  6. Mixing materials and textures in a room creates drama and interest. For example, using slate for floors in a room with wooden beams on the ceiling, or a brick wall with rough hewn wood floors, can make a room unique and personal.
  7. Working from home will continue to be a trend and therefore, having an office space is more important than ever. In addition, people are looking for ways to increase their income by having a space that is rentable within their home for short-term rentals on websites like Airbnb.
  8. And since everyone wants some sort of office in their home, they are moving their technology out of the living room and into that other room. People are looking for better ways to spend time with the family and being computer-free in the living space is one way to do just that.